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Parent Advisory Council

The Roblin Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) represents the elementary school. As a parent organization, we hope to offer a diverse range of perspectives to support our schools in providing a positive and successful educational experience for our children. At PAC meetings, our principals and teachers provide informative reports which highlight the challenges, achievements and activities in our schools; members learn about regional and provincial educational initiatives and issues; and parents have a dedicated venue to share their thoughts and views on education in a collaborative manner. Meetings are open to all parents and are held approximately every month throughout the school year- you are always welcome to attend regularly, or even just occasionally!


Some of the fundraisers that PAC is involved in are:

* September/October Open House

* Christmas Penny Auction

* Donors Choice Canvassing

* Chocolate Sales

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out with any of our fundraising.


Our current members on the PAC council are:

Kelly Clark

Patti Kerher

Dana Griffitts

Mary Newton

Christie Leland

Coralie Beerman

Leslie Andres

Rita Collins

Leona Shenderevich

Chrystal Hawrychuk