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Parenting Through the Pandemic

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is well respected by Canadian educators and parents alike. In this recording, Dr. Neufeld discusses dealing with emotions during the pandemic. This is an informative video for everyone during this time.

MVSD Mental Health and Community Resources

MVSD Mental Health and Community Resources

A useful link to information to help families during this time here you can find information about mental health and community programs that can find support. there are also a variety of activities that kids can do to support Mental Health including a schedule and choice board. We are all in this together!



Why use a Schedule at Home?

During uncertain times it is important that we maintain consistency. Visual schedules can serve this purpose. There are many versions of schedules for children out there. Sometimes a schedule can serve as a comfort to children, knowing what to do and when to do it, helps maintain normalcy. Layering fun activities with more academic activities can help children have things to look forward and make work a little less daunting. Remember learning is happening everywhere, playing games, cooking suppers and organizing movie nights are all great ways to build children's executive functioning. Teaching a game or sport helps build confidence and leadership skills. Most importantly of all know that we are all in this together and I am always here if you need ideas. Schedules can help children navigate their way through these times.

Look for other ideas to help children manage anxiety under the class pages.